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At Astro Yoga Retreat, we offer different and the most important forms and the ancient science of yogic practices. We are offering the palmistry certification, astrology certification and Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. Yoga teacher training includes Kundalini yoga teacher training, Ashtanga Yoga teacher training and Astro-Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India

Yoga Courses in Rishikesh

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Yoga Retreat

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Yoga Teacher Training

Prepare yourself to feel the flow of energy within you and get the ultimate source of muscles with our Yoga Teacher Training Courses. We offer the most traditional, genuine and authentic Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India.

What is AstroYoga?

Astrology and yoga were practiced together since beginning. It is told that great yogis could see the present, past and future of anyone. They were called as ‘Trikaldarshi’, one who can see all three times. This simply tells that those great masters in India were having the profound knowledge of Astrology and yoga both. These both systems are said to be complementing each other very well. Yoga is associated with spiritual awakening, living a life of purity and conducting good karma. Astrology and palmistry can tell the results of our past and present Karma in terms of our fortune. One can see that his fortune is directly connected with his day to day actions.

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Astro Yoga Retreat is offering Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course and Yoga Nidra Course. So you can get live yoga classes at your homes.

Inside our studio

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Our Yoga Gurus

astrology teacher-Dr.Gaurav Agarwal

Dr. Gaurav Agarwal

Dr. Gaurav Agarwal is the founder And Yoga philosophy teacher. Previously he was a professor in an Indian University. He is PHD in psychology. Gaurav born in a traditional religious Hindu family and got the guidance of some great Himalayan Masters. He teaches philosophy of yoga by telling real life stories and real events along with some very conceptual teachings from Bhagwat geeta, in this way the concepts of philosophy becomes easy to understand for students.

yoga instructor-Kalpendra Chauhan

Kalpendra Chauhan

Yogi kalpendra, Pranayama and Meditation teacher at Astro-Yoga Retreat. Along with pranayama, he also gives very scientific and practical sessions of Yogic cleansing. Kalpendra did his Masters degree in yogic science and he is specialist in the different pranayama techniques for different kind of mental or any health issue. This is evident from the fact that many knots and complexes of the heart and mind start opening in his sessions. Students feel much relaxed and gets emotional in his class usually. His concept of "Breath & Psychosomatic problems" is very unique.

yoga instructor-Arpit Agarwal

Arpit Agarwal

Arpit got the knowledge of Yoga from the most authentic and very famous Bihar school of Yoga. He is course co-coordinator and hatha yoga teacher. Being the direct disciple of Swami Niranjanananda from Bihar School of Yoga and Usha Mata Ji, the famous Iyengar style yoga teacher in India. Arpit has a great knowledge of naturopathay, human anatomy and physiology, so he always describes every yoga pose in a scientific way and also to avoid injuries during yoga practice.

What our graduates say

yoga ttc reviews

It was a beautiful experience, I learned a lot, the energy is magic, it will feel like in home, they take care a lot of you, the food is delicious and the people its lovely 🤗

Daniela Giraldo
yoga ttc reviews

Very good yoga ashram for beginners and practitioners to come and learn the yogic way of life. Might seem a bit different and hard to understand/accept but that in itself is a good lesson to learn.

Sreenatha B
yoga ttc reviews

I had a really brilliant time at Sri yoga - really!! The teachers know a LOT, and also did everything to make me feel really welcome. It’s an intense schedule (which I really enjoyed). If you go, you’ll learn a lot for sure!

Mabel Bachini

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