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Why Astro Yoga Retreat

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Astro Yoga Retreat offers a unique opportunity of learning astrology and yoga both under one roof and at the same time. Our teacher Dr. Gaurav Agrawal has been teaching palmistry and astrology since 2003. He is also the author of three books on these subjects. The aim of our retreats is spread the light of Astrology by imparting professional level training to our students, so that they can practice astrology as a professional. If you are looking for a serious career in astrology, or want to enhance your understanding of astrology, then our retreats are best suited for you. Many of our students are already practicing as a palmist and astrologer in many parts of the world.
There can’t be a better method of learning astrology and palmistry other than regular classes. If you are tired of learning astrology and palmistry from the books, but desire is still there inside you; then it’s your time to take a step and join us. Astrology is the science of genius or hard workers. If you are ready to do the same then we can promise to develop an able astrologer from you. This is on the basis of our success with our previous students. All courses are conducted on the basis of ‘learning by doing’. Hence there are plenty of practical experience. We invite a practitioner to raise question and learn with a logical and rational mind without requiring to believe.

Teaching since 2003

Our instructor has a vast teaching experience of 14 years. Come and learn with someone who wants to share the knowledge and has the method to do the same. All yoga teachers are also well experienced.

Learning By Doing

We Teach astrology, palmistry and yoga by making the students practice in real life situations and encouraging them to understand the principles rather than remembering everything.

There is Yoga!

The streams of astrology and yoga are well connected and complementing each other. The great part of retreat courses is also getting yoga including Aasna, Pranayama, Meditation and Philosophy.

Why Choose Us

Let's us tell you why you should join Astro Yoga School. Please have a look below for some short and sweet reasons.

Highly Skilled Yoga Gurus
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Beatific Nature
Authenticity in Knowledge
Proper Care

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