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Astrology Certification Course in Rishikesh, India

Our Astro yoga retreats are quite intensive where students get fifty hours of training with the teacher and fifty hours of self practice in the guidance of their instructor. This intensive course has equal dose of yoga practice which is very important for an astrologer to grasp the remedial measure properly. Our 28 days intensive astrology retreats are meant for developing professional level astrology practitioners.

astrology certification course in rishikesh

Vedic and KP Astrology Course

Astro Yoga Retreat invites everyone to join our astrology and palmistry courses coupled with yoga. Initially students ask if it is possible to learn astrology properly in just one month. And answer is ‘yes why not’. On the basis of our fourteen years experience we can tell ‘yes it does happen’. This happens if the teacher and students are working in the same direction, and the course material is designed with great care and taught with precision. Our effort is to teach by practical examples and let the students understand the principles and apply them. Emphasis is not to make students remember everything rather than we teach logical and reasonable techniques which are time tested. We encourage students to ask various questions and practice with the charts and hands of their friends and family members. So these retreats are more like workshops which bring real hands on experience.

Live 200 Hour Yoga TTC

    You can enjoy our Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course at your home now..

Vedic & KP Astrology Courses

Affordable 14 days Vedic and 14 days KP Astrology courses in Rishikesh, India

vedic astrology course in rishikesh

14 days Vedic Astrology Course [ US$ 350 ]

Sept 02, 2020 - Sept 14, 2020
06:00 - 19:00
kp astrology course in rishikesh

14 days KP Astrology Course [ US$ 400 ]

Sept 16, 2020 - Sept 28, 2020
06:00 - 19:00
vedic astrology course in india

14 days Vedic Astrology Course [ US$ 350 ]

Oct 02, 2020 - Oct 14, 2020
06:00 - 19:00
kp astrology course in india

14 days KP Astrology Course [ US$ 400 ]

Oct 16, 2020 - Oct 28, 2020
06:00 - 19:00

Astrology Course Syllabus

  • Vedic Astrology (First 2 Weeks) : This is the basic level of astrology based on traditional Vedic astrology that enables the student to understand about the 12 houses and 9 planets and their interaction. This course will enable the student to understand the general character and life of any individual by looking in his horoscope. It is important to mention that the most of the professional astrologers use only this level of knowledge and deem it to be sufficient.
    The contents of this course are as following:
    • Basic calculations
    • Understanding horoscope
    • 12 signs and ascendants
    • 12 houses and their significations
    • 9 planets and their significations
    • Principles of Horoscope reading
    • Basic Horoscope Reading
    • Important combinations
    • Horoscope Matching
    • Medical and psychological aspects of astrology
    • Practical Horoscope reading with ample practice
    • Astro-Psychology
    • Astro remedies

    Benefits :After this course the student can start his own astrology center after doing some self practice.

  • KP Astrology (Next 2 Weeks) : This is the advance astrology course based on KP system. KP system is the advancement and refinement of the traditional Vedic system of astrology. It is based on smaller sub divisions of signs and that’s why offers great precision. Level two course will enable the student to answer any possible question of the world with the help of astrology. The unique feature of this course is that student learns o find promise of any event in the horoscope weather an event is possible or not. This level also deals with horary astrology.
    Its contents are as below:
    • Introduction to Nakshatra system
    • Understanding of SUB lord theory
    • Application of Sub theory
    • Ruling Planets' theory
    • Application of Ruling Planets
    • Finding Significators of Houses
    • Significations of Planets
    • Judging 12 Houses
    • Finding a promise in horoscope
    • House Groupings
    • Sub Harmonics
    • Nadi Astrology
    • Problem Solving with Case Histories

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Vedic Astrology + KP Astrology (USD 350 + USD 400)
The course fees for the full course is USD 700
This course fee doesn't include any accommodation charge in it.
For Shared accommodation you need to pay USD 349 extra and for Private accommodation you need to pay USD 499 extra.


  • Private room accommodation with attached bathroom and hot water.
  • 24*7 Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Indian Veg meals 3 times daily
  • Herbal tea 2 times daily
  • Very close to River Ganga
  • Astrology Course manuals
  • All yoga classes (total 100 hours yoga)
  • Sunday sightseeing activity to a nearby location Course Certificate
  • Course Certificate

Refund Policy

For enrollment in any course, one should pay 200 USD and rest of the payment can be done at the arrival at Ashram.This booking amount is non-refundable. In case, your plan changes and you want to postpone your course then you can use this booking amount and can join us later throughout the year.

Booking amount / Enrollment fee or Course confirmation fee (which is 200 USD) is the part of whole course fee which will be deducted from the whole amount and