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Palmistry Certification Course in Rishikesh, India

Astro Yoga Retreat welcomes all yoga practitioners to a Unique 14 days yoga retreat with advance level Palmistry course. There are many yoga retreats to choose from, but why not grab the best opportunity to get the dual benefits. We are situated in the holy city Rishikesh and have been spreading the light of yoga, astrology and palmistry since 2003. There can’t be a better place for learning these ancient systems of wisdom than Rishikesh itself. We welcome you to the source.

Palmistry Course in Rishikesh, India

Our yoga retreat are the great opportunity for learning, relaxing and blending in the nature. If you are person of beginner level, advance level or even a professional level, in all cases you will find our team of teachers very wise and sharing some new insights. Our retreats are offering Ashtanaga Vinyasa style and Iyengar style of yoga. Both these styles are very well known and are accepted world wide. More over there are the classes of Pranayama, Meditation, philosophy discussions too. We also arrange many recreational activities on Sundays for our guests and students. These retreats are more relaxed and guests are allowed to pick and chose what activities they enjoy more. On some day we arrange classes on the beach of holy river Ganga, which is one of the highlights of our retreats. And don’t forget there is sure chance of learning advance knowledge of palmistry. Did you ask how good that is? There is no better way of learning palmistry than learning from an experienced teacher face to face. The course is fully residential and fees structure is very affordable.

palmistry course in rishikesh

Live 200 Hour Yoga TTC

    You can enjoy our Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course at your home now..

palmistry certification course in india

Professional Palmistry Course in Rishikesh, India

Many of our students are already practicing as professional Palmist in many parts of the world successfully. We take pride in imparting the quality and practical training and not just a big load of bookish stuff. We encourage our students to raise questions and practice on real hands of the strangers and friends alike.
Along with this students get the guided exposure on real hand prints and they learn to answer the questions by analyzing the hand prints. This brings the confidence and real hands on experience. By the time students finish the course they have already tried and tested most of the things. Students are encouraged to read and practice and discuss the things.
If you are tired of reading many books on palmistry without getting much benefits then you are welcome to join our Palmistry + Yoga retreat. Get the most of out of both things. We offer this course for a duration of two weeks. We assure that if students are attending all the sessions then he will be nothing less than a Pro. This claim is made on the basis of previous experiences and students’ feedback only.

Palmistry Courses

Affordable 14 days Palmistry course in Rishikesh, India

palmistry certification course in rishikesh

14 days Palmistry Course [ US$ 250 ]

Sept 02, 2020 - Sept 14, 2020
06:00 - 19:00
palmistry certification course in india

14 days Palmistry Course [ US$ 250 ]

Oct 02, 2020 - Oct 14, 2020
06:00 - 19:00
professional palmistry certification course in rishikesh

14 days Palmistry Course [ US$ 250 ]

Nov 02, 2020 - Nov 14, 2020
06:00 - 19:00
professional palmistry certification course in india

14 days Palmistry Course [ US$ 250 ]

Dec 02, 2020 - Dec 14, 2020
06:00 - 19:00

Palmistry Course Syllabus

    • Rationale behind Hand Reading
    • How Palmistry Works
    • Psychology of Hand
    • Aims of Palmistry
    • Palmistry : Personality Vs Future
    • Understanding the Basic Personality
    • Touch of Hand
    • Shape of Hand
    • Size of Fingers
    • Nails
    • Qualities of Fingers
    • Mountains
    • Principles of Palmistry
    • Important Signs and Their Meaning
    • Lines
    • Diseases in Hand
    • Art of Interpretation
    • Practice on Real Hand Prints

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This course fee doesn't include any accommodation charge in it.
For Shared accommodation you need to pay USD 200 extra and for Private accommodation you need to pay USD 280 extra.


  • Private/Shared room accommodation with attached bathroom and hot water.
  • 24*7 Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Indian Veg meals 3 times daily
  • Herbal tea 2 times daily
  • Very close to River Ganga
  • Palmistry Course manuals
  • All yoga classes (total 100 hours yoga)
  • Sunday sightseeing activity to a nearby location Course Certificate
  • Course Certificate

Refund Policy

For enrollment in any course, one should pay 200 USD and rest of the payment can be done at the arrival at Ashram.This booking amount is non-refundable. In case, your plan changes and you want to postpone your course then you can use this booking amount and can join us later throughout the year.

Booking amount / Enrollment fee or Course confirmation fee (which is 200 USD) is the part of whole course fee which will be deducted from the whole amount and